Say Goodbye to Falcon Tracking

and Hello to DOT Tracking

The DOT Tracking system has become hugely popular among Falcon users. It is with this in mind that we are rebranding Falcon Tracking to DOT Tracking.

Everything else that is loved about Falcon Tracking stays the same.

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DOT Vehicle Manager App coming soon

Empowering your fleet
with intelligent tracking

A powerful remote tacho download device with
vehicle tracking and advanced telematics.

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DOT Remote
Tacho Downloads

Receive daily remote tachograph download data which is transmitted directly to Tachomaster.

DOT Vehicle

The DOT Vehicle Tracking is a high-resolution tracker that provides a live vehicle tracking solution.

DOT Advanced

Vehicle Tracking with remote tacho downloads and our advanced telematics for better fleet visibility.

Remote Downloads
+ Vehicle Tracking
+ Advanced Telematics

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DOT Remote Tacho Downloads

Instant access to
tachograph data

Gain instant access to essential tacho analysis and transform
how you manage tacho compliance, driver hours, and WTD rules.

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Tacho Downloads

The Falcon DOT Tracker device provides live remote tacho data of your driver’s and vehicle’s activities directly onto the Tachomaster dashboards.

Monitor Driving Times

Transform the way you collect live tachograph data remotely and track your driver’s availability, work, drive and rest periods immediately.

No Driver Card Alert

Receive alerts via the Road Tech Notifier when a vehicle is driven without an inserted driver tacho card, minimising lost driver’s hours data.

Tacho Event Location

Increase fleet visibility via the Falcon Tracking dashboards and view the exact location of all your driver’s tacho breaks on our detailed maps.

Planning Ahead

With real-time alerts of your drivers’ hours, you can improve and plan routes accordingly. Enhance productivity and avoid vehicle and driver downtime.

Improve Compliance

Stay on top of compliance, control driver hours regulations and WTD laws. Reduce risks and increase the safety of your fleet via our vehicle tracking device.

Live Driver Data App

Drivers can use the Tachomaster app to inspect their overall availability for the current two weeks. Plus, view their daily and weekly rests required.

Improve Fleet Safety

Get real-time driver and vehicle tacho data remotely. Minimise possible risks, enhance safety, and reduce driver infringements via the Falcon DOT Tracker.

Zero upfront costs
and pay as you go

With zero upfront costs, no additional UK sim card charges,
and pay-as-you-go. What have you got to lose?

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The smartest way
to track your fleet

Improve visibility, productivity and efficiency with an
easy-to-use vehicle tracking system.

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Live Vehicle Tracking

Identify poor driving habits and improve driver behaviour via the grading system that provides profile data about your driver’s and vehicle’s performances.

Extensive Map Images

Acquire helpful insight into map locations from our extensive satellite imagery. This includes Google Maps and Google Street View for that extra detail.

Compare Routes

Compare and calculate similar journeys by following the exact routes taken by the driver. Find shorter and more efficient ways to improve route planning.

Vehicle Tracking Alerts

Create different alerts to track certain fleet activities, including speeding, harsh braking, idling and maximum waiting times within a geofence.

Vehicle Watch List

Set up a custom­ised Vehicle Watch List triggered by specific events. Monitor your vehicles and quickly identify and resolve potential issues.

Route History

Review vehicle routes to see if the optimum route was taken. View particular events such as geofence hits and driver breaks on a map.

Web-based Software

Combine all your workforce onto a single platform, enabling drivers to access vital data, alerts and instructions while offsite.

Customise Dashboards

Customise dashboards for instant access to driver and vehicle data. Locate vehicles and drivers using the quick and simple search function.

DOT Advanced Telematics

Monitor every move with
advanced telematics

Gain exceptional insight into every driver, vehicle and journey to reveal fleet trends,
expose patterns, boost fleet safety, improve security and reduce costs..

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Live Fuel Data & History

Monitor live fuel levels and receive the most accurate fuel data possible by taking the data directly from the CAN-Bus and helping prevent fuel thefts.

Speed Data

Receive the most accurate speed data directly from the CAN-Bus. Instantly see the speed and the direction your vehicles are travelling.

Fleet Analytics

Gain detailed, invaluable driving analytics from acceleration, idling time, braking, live fuel mpg, engine load, cruise control to maximise your profit.

Summary Dashboards

View crucial fleet data instantly, gain a general overview of how your fleet is being utilised and performing and drill into more detailed data.

Fleet Grading

Identify poor driving habits and improve driver behaviour via the grading system that provides profile data about your drivers and vehicles performances.

Performance Table

Add a bit of competition and proactively empower your drivers to improve safety and increase fuel savings via the driver performance table.

CAN-Bus Reports

Access crucial CAN-Bus reports to review performances and see exactly where improvements can be made in driving efficiency and safety.

Daily Downloads

Schedule daily downloads of your vehicle and driver tacho data. The device can automatically download any other inserted driver cards too.

The perfect vehicle
tracking systems

Manage your commercial fleet in real-time with one of our
vehicle tracking options. Get in touch for more information.

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