Remote tacho

Gain instant access to essential tachograph analysis
and transform how you manage your compliance.

Monitor live
driving times

Track your driver's work, drive, availability and rest periods via the Tachomaster and DOT Tracking's dashboards. View your driver's start of duty, live drive periods and drive time available.

Receive instant notifications for upcoming driver breaks and alerts for insufficient breaks or any other driving infringements.

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Stress free remote
tacho downloads

Eliminate the stressful and time-consuming job of manually chasing,
collecting and downloading driver cards and vehicle unit tachograph data.

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Reduce driver

Boost your fleet's performance with remote tachograph downloads that minimise driver infringements. Get a comprehensive understanding of your fleet's daily activities, eliminate unsafe driving practices and ensure driver safety, security and compliance.

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Improve driver and
vehicle utilisation

With live notifications of your driver’s hours, rest periods, and availability, you
can stay safe and compliant and maximise your driver’s time.

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To receive remote tachograph downloads, you will need the Tachomaster software and Tachomaster Live to view real-time driving times and breaks.


The NEW Compliance Dashboard accurately summarises all your driver infringements and missing mileage violations into one simple interface.

The dashboard provides a management tool for handling infringements and to support you debrief and counsel your drivers.

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The main benefits of
remote tacho downloads

Reduce driver infringements, improve fleet safety, and compliance
with instant access to essential driver and vehicle tacho data.

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Tacho Downloads

The Falcon DOT Tracker device provides live remote tacho data of your driver’s and vehicle’s activities directly onto the Tachomaster dashboards.

Monitor Driving Times

Transform the way you collect live tachograph data remotely and track your driver’s availability, work, drive and rest periods immediately.

No Driver Card Alert

Receive alerts via the Road Tech Notifier when a vehicle is driven without an inserted driver tacho card, minimising lost driver’s hours data.

Tacho Event Location

Increase fleet visibility via the Falcon Tracking dashboards and view the exact location of all your driver’s tacho breaks on our detailed maps.

Planning Ahead

With real-time alerts of your drivers’ hours, you can improve and plan routes accordingly. Enhance productivity and avoid vehicle and driver downtime.

Improve Compliance

Stay on top of compliance, control driver hours regulations and WTD laws. Reduce risks and increase the safety of your fleet via our vehicle tracking device.

Live Driver Data App

Drivers can use the Tachomaster app to inspect their overall availability for the current two weeks. Plus, view their daily and weekly rests required.

Improve Fleet Safety

Get real-time driver and vehicle tacho data remotely. Minimise possible risks, enhance safety, and reduce driver infringements via the Falcon DOT Tracker.

Zero upfront costs
and pay as you go

With zero upfront costs, no additional UK sim card charges,
and pay-as-you-go. What have you got to lose?

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DOT Advanced Telematics

Add vehicle tracking for
an extra £5 a month

Manage your commercial fleet in real-time with one of our vehicle tracking options. Get in touch for more information.

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DOT Advanced Telematics

See even more with our
advanced telematics system

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Live Fuel Data & History

Monitor live fuel levels and receive the most accurate fuel data possible by taking the data directly from the CAN-Bus and helping prevent fuel thefts.

Speed Data

Receive the most accurate speed data directly from the CAN-Bus. Instantly see the speed and the direction your vehicles are travelling.

Fleet Analytics

Gain detailed, invaluable driving analytics from acceleration, idling time, braking, live fuel mpg, engine load, cruise control to maximise your profit.

Tacho Downloads

The Falcon DOT Tracker device provides live remote tacho data of your driver’s and vehicle’s activities directly onto the Tachomaster dashboards.

Seamless integration

The app integrates seamlessly with all our software, unlocking your fleet’s real-time data to give you a world of possibilities. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly monitor your fleet’s performance, track deliveries, ensure safety, and maintain compliance.

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