A powerful vehicle
tracking system

Gain real-time visibility, increase fleet efficiency, and
improve driver safety, security and compliance.

Drive efficiency with real-time
GPS vehicle tracking

Track your drivers and vehicles with ease, cut costs, and
boost productivity, compliance, safety, and security.

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Real-time vehicle
tracking data

Identify fleet trends, uncover potential issues, and never miss a thing with live data of every driver and vehicle in real-time. From the Latest Position dashboard, you can see the status and activity of your vehicles, including the current speed, fuel level*, driver*, recent events, direction, road speed limit, and geofence hits.

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* You will need to upgrade to our advanced telematics option

Unlimited custom

Create unlimited custom geofences for vehicles entering or
leaving, exceeding waiting times, and excessive speeding.
You can add vehicles due for an MOT, service or inspection.

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Detailed maps and
satellite imagery

View the current positions of all vehicles overlaid onto a high-res map, including satellite imagery. You can customise the display to show detailed data such as vehicle reg, fleet number, or vehicle description using each marker on the map. Vehicles on the map are grouped into clever clusters to help keep them manageable.

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Track specific
vehicles or drivers

The Vehicles Screen tracks specific drivers or vehicles. Set
custom filters to track your fleet's actions, such as whether
engines are off, on, moving, or in a geofence.

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Locate and dispatch
vehicles quickly

Quickly locate and dispatch the nearest vehicle and driver within a specific location from the DOT Tracking map. Our powerful search function automatically updates the map to show the closest vehicles within a particular area. The feature helps reduce admin costs, saves time, mileage, and fuel costs and makes dispatching easier.

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Even more vehicle
tracking features

DOT Tracking offers a wide range of features that
accommodate all types of businesses; explore below to
discover more unique features.

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Live Vehicle Tracking

Identify poor driving habits and improve driver behaviour via the grading system that provides profile data about your drivers and vehicles performances.

Vehicle History Trails

Gain a detailed picture of your fleet from the start, break and finish times, routes taken, geofences hits and a speed graph from the vehicle trail.

Unlimited Geofences

Create geofences and set attributes to highlight particular events, such as speeding, waiting time alerts and vehicles entering or leaving a geofence.

Speed History Data

Gain a clear view of your vehicle speed via the speed graph that is linked to a vehicle history trail. See speed spikes or long stops at any time of the journey.

Suite Of Reports

Gain valuable insight with immediate access to crucial information and performance metrics to uncover trends and provide reliable forecasts.

Calculated Routes

Generate routes on an interactive map, and calculate from one place to another, including multiple locations with an option to optimise the routes too.

Scheduled Reports

Keep every well-informed with scheduled reports for the most popular reports and easily send links to your whole team regularly.

Notifier Alerts

Create different alerts to track certain fleet activities, including speeding, harsh braking, idling and waiting times within a geofence.

Watch and track
specific vehicles

From the Latest Positions dashboard, you can create custom Vehicle Watch Lists. You can configure a Vehicle Watch List to track certain vehicles in several ways, requiring extra observation and scrutiny.

Track various fleet activities, including vehicle descriptions, numbers, geofence states, movement states, stopped times, and ignition and engine status.

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Find optimal routes to save
fuel, time and money

The Fleet Journey Comparison dashboard allows you to
compare similar trips and identify the most efficient routes
for better delivery times, saving fuel, time, and money.

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A detailed overview
via vehicle trails

The Vehicle Trails Dashboard provides a detailed description of your vehicle's journeys from start to end. You can also drill down into specific time points to identify fleet activities along the journey trail.

The journey trail map has distinct timed markers indicating points of interest. The marker points will display various timed events and specific data on speed, fuel and stops from the beginning to the end of the journey trail.

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Improve your
fleet’s security

Monitor your vehicles and be aware of any unusual or
unauthorised usage. Set up geofence alerts and quickly
locate missing or stolen vehicles.

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Quickly review
journey trails

From the Latest Positions screen, you can quickly view a recent vehicle journey with a click of a button. Our high-res maps overlay the journey trail, giving you a transparent view of the journey.

If you require more information about a journey trail, such as a speed trace, you can click to see a Detailed Trail of the trip.

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Zero upfront cost
and pay as you go

With zero upfront costs, no additional UK sim card charges,
and pay-as-you-go. What have you got to lose?

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DOT Remote Tacho Downloads

Add remote tacho downloads
for £5 extra a month

Upgrade at any time to gain instant access to vital tacho
analysis data. Transform how you regulate tachograph
compliance, regulations, driver hours and WTD rules.

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* To receive remote tachograph downloads, you will need our Tachomaster software.

Tacho Downloads

The Falcon DOT Tracker device provides live remote tacho data of your driver’s and vehicle’s activities directly onto the Tachomaster dashboards.

Monitor Driving Times

Transform the way you collect live tachograph data remotely and track your driver’s availability, work, drive and rest periods immediately.

No Driver Card Alert

Receive alerts via the Road Tech Notifier when a vehicle is driven without an inserted driver tacho card, minimising lost driver’s hours data.

Tacho Event Location

Increase fleet visibility via the Falcon Tracking dashboards and view the exact location of all your driver’s tacho breaks on our detailed maps.

Option 3 - Upgrade to our
advanced telematics system

Upgrade to our advanced telematics system, incorporating
critical driver behaviour, live fuel and vehicle analytics, and
remote tachograph download data.

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Live Fuel Data & History

Monitor live fuel levels and receive the most accurate fuel data possible by taking the data directly from the CAN-Bus and helping prevent fuel thefts.

Speed Data

Receive the most accurate speed data directly from the CAN-Bus. Instantly see the speed and the direction your vehicles are travelling.

Fleet Analytics

Gain detailed, invaluable driving analytics from acceleration, idling time, braking, live fuel mpg, engine load, cruise control to maximise your profit.

Tacho Downloads

The Falcon DOT Tracker device provides live remote tacho data of your driver’s and vehicle’s activities directly onto the Tachomaster dashboards.

Harness the power
of real-time data

Gain valuable insight into your daily operations to reduce
costs, increase driver safety and organise your fleet efficiently.

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